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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2020 11:00am-11:31am CET

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news live from india's population of 1300000000 begins a 3 week lockdown to combat the coronavirus the streets of the capital delhi it deserted as people stayed behind closed doors prime minister nuri entered modi warns that without the lockdown the country could be set back 21 years also on the program china begins to emerge from its coronavirus lockdown but some experts warn this may be just a brief pause before a 2nd wave of infectious. players agree a cut in wages to help their clubs joining the crisis empty stadiums while the link
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is shut down to his fantasies. welcome to the program india has become the latest and largest country to introduce a nationwide lockdown in the fight against the coronavirus the country has so far seen about 560 confirmed cases and 11 deaths but there are fears that infections could spread quickly. that pharmacies and shops shortly before midnight deadline nonessential businesses are closed most flights and rail services have been stopped busy bollywood film industry has ground to a halt prime minister remotely said that without the 21 day lockdown the country could be set back by 21 years. so let's join d.w. correspondent misha jives well in delhi welcome dementia up people buying by these
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new restrictions. well to a large extent yes people have not been coming out on the streets as much as they would have the sunday one untreatable a few was hugely successful with reports of millions day but it's not quite the same done streets right now because people are allowed to step out to get essential services political at least checkpoints across the city are going to preventing people who are not going to change a thing about accessing essential services from stepping out however it is also important to think about the fact that there are many among the open people it was actually trying to get back home not consulate so this is the last you shut down box most chains as well as night called imo many are still trying to meet their lead back to them all because their daily lives on earth and the cannot sustain themselves they are going to florida life in the city anymore and we vent to point
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out how exactly these people and managing walking lost uncertain distances in that enclosed to get even the water was actually through that airport. these people are while eating a lockdown deady has closed its borders nor buses trains all flights can leave yet these migrant workers are determined to get home. maybe on just a daily wage. and with businesses shut they cannot afford life in the city anymore . with public transport reduced the vote has walked many kilometers with his family putting them at risk of exposure he's scared but he says he has no option on those little die they aren't letting me work that's the problem i have young children they're hungry who do i ask for help we've been struggling for 4 days along with all the. the delhi government has announced some relief measures for the poor but
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these workers don't feel reassured or integris like i couldn't wait to find out if the government will give me money but how am i supposed to eat until then and what if they don't. away from the bus stop the city lies deserted those who can't afford to are staying home checkpoints like this one have been established across the city the police is ensuring that only those who are entering essential services are allowed to be out the government has also said that violators off the log down can face legal action. grocery stores remain open some are only allowing a limited number of shoppers in this one says mosques on the says city as a sign that ties in your hands before entering. india has been battered lies by these measures but health experts are throwing their weight behind the lock down if india can fight this to get there for 2 weeks we definitely would have prevented
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the good from going up and made it all that we need to do is to prevent that from going it leaving because if that happens in india the results will be much worse than what happened in. the indian prime minister has appealed to migrant workers to stay put and avoid infecting their families back home. but for many that risk is far more distant than being trapped of the from home during this lockdown. image of the poor always suffer worst in these crises tell us more about how the government is trying to help these migrant workers. well the government has spawned an economic cost for us and the finance minister at its head to find out exactly what would be divestment followed to address the economic crisis that a short of the sec the country as a result of this knock down just yet today is some day he actually and it's been measured for an ounce in addition the government has asked all states to send funds
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to send to add money to the bank accounts of construction work that's one of the mean ones to do once again the legion local has but they're not the only large and we would have to regency how exactly the government is going to ensure that in the midst of a lockdown bush is going to make their way out and shock these d.d. look at us and the poorest of the water in the country are continuing to get near us and substance joining us not down thanks for that the message as well in delhi. well today sees the lifting of travel restrictions in china's food by province where the corona virus pandemic began in december trains are running the guy and not carrying many passengers stations across the province are opening up except in the city of move where the corona virus was 1st detected a car drivers that are still being tested and it will be another 2 weeks before new hampshire restrictions are lifted it's not just in who but where people are not afraid to get out and about one family in beijing is relishing the freedom to roam
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to weeks cooped up in their apartment. joke i was finally allowed to run around again. he and his family spent 7 weeks in voluntary lockdown in their beijing apartment his mother and grandmother are still uneasy and wear masks like everyone else but at least they can finally go outside. i'm so happy you can really drive you crazy i was indoors for almost 2 months it's especially hard on children we adults are able to deal with the better but staying home this long is not healthy for the body or the mind. but joe kinds daily routine still excludes other children schools remain closed and playdates are still off limits. on the phone but it doesn't really feel that unusual but i do miss playing with my friends who are really in the full court was out on the streets there are more
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signs of life much less than before the coronavirus but beijing no longer resembles a ghost town china's leadership now plans to restart the economy on state run television from your lease speaks via video conference with chinese companies china is facing a major downturn in its export sector and in retail the service industry in major cities is also experiencing a slump says economics expert dan wang overall many. businesses are not yet operating normally china's leadership wants to speed things up but there's some push back central government is trying everything they could to urge people to go back to work but i want to console local governments they have every incentive to prevent people and the factories from back to full capacity for some reason. cases go up. over the economy and experts warn that a new wave of infections in china is unavoidable everyone is on the alert for the
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start of the 2nd wave given that there were these importations is only a matter of time before spread occurs in the local community and then the numbers rise and then it becomes detected so i don't know how long that will take in china but it will happen. in beijing people are ready to venture out into parks to get some exercise or just to take a stroll in the fresh air joe kinds family is also worried about another wave of infections that's why he's still not allowed to meet up with his friends a normal boy in a major city that still far from being back to normal. well in the united states lawmakers have now agreed to a 2 trillion dollars stimulus package democrats and republicans announced a deal shortly after midnight in washington about the great i don't see could receive direct deposits of up to 1200 dollars 500 dollars for children the government will support small businesses with loans to the tune of $367000000000.00
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and hospitals will receive around $250000000000.00 in aid. likely to be half a trillion dollars in guaranteed subsidized loans to larger businesses a move from b.w. financial reporter tells a delay in the front foot welcome chelsea so how does this package differ from the one that was voted down on monday. well we're still awaiting the full text of this bill that's expected later and the day but one of the big sticking points have been oversight that this $500000000000.00 that's going to be helping big business democrats wanted there to be more oversight of that and it does appear that they have gotten a concession on the democrats of the money especially if it's $50000000000.00 it's going to go directly to airlines this is going to be overseen by a congressional panel and the inspector general some of the other changes that democrats got through this negotiation process was more money for local and state
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governments more money for the health care and hospital system and also stronger unemployment measures for people who lose their jobs through this crisis so previously there had been 3 months of unemployment insurance now going to 4 and this can also be extended to give you a commie workers or something like a driver. to. pull the tax just open up here in frankfurt it's up about 2.5 percent right now wall street futures are also pointing a bit higher it's hard to tell right now if this is going to be the beginning of a longer upswing for markets but there's clearly been a disconnect in the past few days between the really dire numbers we're seeing in terms of the spread of this virus and the economic damage and these big games and stock markets and people focused on stimulus the stimulus measures are crucial they're going to be huge and it's going to help businesses and workers get through
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this crisis but i think they're now that governments have sort of played their hand investors are to go back to focusing on the reality of the situation which is that the outbreak is not contained we don't know how long the shock and shutdowns are going to last and what the economic damage is really going to be. from the thank you. coronavirus pandemic is getting from the club. they're also counting the cost of much state revenue has left many in the lower leagues in fear of going bust even the big teams in germany are affected and place of volunteers to give up some of their salaries in order to help clubs out until games going again. empty stadiums across germany's blunders league or the coronavirus is having an unprecedented impact on football and football finances. now as some of the games top players have decided to give up a portion of their multi-million salaries to help their clubs brucia dortmund of
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announcing their players management and coaches and waving a double digit 1000000 amount in wages chief executive hans joachim vasquez said it is a valuable sign of solidarity both to the outside world and to our $850.00 employees media reports say players an overabundance league clubs such as by and munich and. making similar gestures. it's all about helping people. making donations where appropriate. it's about helping people who are struggling financially because of this situation. for example the security guy who works at the stadium and works on match days maybe now doesn't have a job. it's not just in the bundesliga with spain badly hit by the
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coronavirus pandemic barcelona forward lionel messi has donated a combined 1000000 euros to a clinic in the city and to a hospital back in his native argentina. manchester city coach pet while the owner has donated the same amount to supply medical equipment in his home city of boss a loaner the. leagues have no idea when they might resume the bonus league or expects no football action before april 13th and officials know it may take a lot longer but the players are at least doing their bit off the pitch. don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download it from google play it for me apps to give you access to all the excuse from the world as well as push notifications or any breaking news i'm if you're part of a news story you could also use it to send us photos and videos of what's happening . a full coverage of the coronavirus
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crisis on our website of course at state of news dot com in fact with the news at the top of the hour i'm going to. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our daily corona update. 19 special next on d w. how does a virus spread. and when we'll. just through the. weekly radio show is called spectrum if you would like any
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information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever your podcast. can also finance and. science. this is due to abuse covert 900 special from berlin the corona virus has forced millions of people into quarantine and isolation that means millions of people are working from home some for the 1st time we take a look at how people cope with working from home and we ask an expert how the crisis might change how we work for good. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us people all over the world are working from home that includes many of my colleagues here at g.w.
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our reporter sent us a report from her apartment in berlin where she set up her temporary office and she has some tips on how to make it work. all right. parents should be doing this right now here are. on how to actually from her. family know was easy today pick a shall i put some actual clothes are. all going to go great time to. this may sound super all here but i haven't gotten my microsoft teams to work the entire day right from my mistakes mr shorts in thinking well before you pass this thing.
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i know it's super tempting but it's just a separate clean quiet west facing away from destruction. are no it's easy for me to say because i don't have kids my only distraction is my favorite t.v. even to get on the fridge and the laundry and the dishes and the books. to get my point. yes that means you might have to look presentable but talking face to face isn't the best way to the only so long. and happy hour can be gradual to. sleep while you can usually get through to cook yourself exactly like. my only black day for the music while. the whole situation is tough but those of us who are
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privileged enough to go on money and desist from the thinking of our heard we should make them. let's speak now to norbert to crow now he's a researcher from the university of potsdam studying how people work from home number thank you for joining us 1st of all what do you think of those tips you know don't work from bad stay in touch on video conference you have anything to add there. yeah this is not only an advantage but it might also be acquired to use does a box you see cause all travel times on i'll go on and immediately be replaced by another you know conference and i want to lose all our friends and they're not all this old to work and density is that's why science on it is much higher and you get all this work where you have to walk from one meeting room to a not go away where you can walk to the contrary are or have
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a brick. wall to cool all the coffee machine that's all no longer possible all right so you also points out you might have more time a clock then you're saying i mean looking at the fact that millions of people are now in their home offices essentially what if you found i mean how does this change the way we work are we more productive or are we less productive at home. well in some cases the parents in some cases we don't walk productive because now we can't exactly see what the other colleague is talking about because we have our own slights crystal clear all because you know it's crystal clear on the screen not 8 meters away and got going through and that's an advantage but on the other hand what we are focusing on in our research is that creative and knowledge intensive process is in it isn't isness they need the new ness of people that
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can't work in the same men are online and in digital media and therefore we are missing something so we do it to the day we had with my research us virtual lunch break everybody said in front of his camera and eat something and try something i just love the same if you cannot achieve the knowledge transfer between video screens you need the near miss off persons and right in some all the noise intense presences we have 75 percent of most runs throughout i socialize ation i personally think between persons and not you know what all of this is all for how do you think this will fundamentally change the way that we work will more people stay with working from home permanently. i don't think so i think some tasks can be done remotely and some other tasks will need personal
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meeting and it will be resumed in full when we are able to travel again i think that's it won't change a lot all right nor had on my head this is an. ok we'll have to leave it there in our back row now from the university of potsdam thank you so much for joining us. and we will be following this story closely at g.w. our social media editors will be reporting weekly and we want to know how you are coping with working from home we're all new to this mind boggling situation is why this is an old influenza. uncharted territory all life as we know it is changing. but we're all in this together in this new series we want to find out 7 how to
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handle on new lives in times of the corona pandemic thankfully with the help of a leading expert it seems like it's been a very popular study how do we stay mentally and physically healthy how do we have no family and all partners without driving each other completely insane. just up how to deal with cabin fever. how are you dealing with being cooped up let me know leave a comment and i would love to profit from your experiences for our upcoming episode . well we asked you to send us some of your questions on the kobe 1000 pandemic and many of you did get in touch our science correspondent dirk williams has some answers take a look. why did you come from. the person of our knowledge the 1st cases of covert 19 appeared in the chinese city who
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hahn back in december of 29 teams they were closely associated with a wildlife market they are now coronaviruses can jump from animals to humans and we think that that's what happened here at the sars virus that the same back in 2000 here in 2003 it was traced back to bats the civets sold in wildlife markets we don't yet know what animals might have acted as intermediaries here but we have seen very similar coronaviruses and bats and we think that they are the ultimate reservoir in the wild. how does it spread. that 19 is a pretty infectious respiratory disease that spread by droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose someone when they cough or sneeze that's why it's important to stay at least a metre away and preferably farther from anyone who's coughing or sneezing it
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doesn't stay airborne for very long we don't think but it can remain infectious after landing on surfaces which is why you also need to pay attention to how often you wash your hands and you should try not to touch your face as much as possible. how do i know if i'm in fact it. we only way to know for sure if you have copd at 19 is to take a test because many of the symptoms are similar to those people experience when they have other respiratory ailments like the flu in covert 19 the primary symptoms that people have reported are fever dry cough and fatigue and then to a lesser extent things like congestion a sore throat or diarrhea some people who catch the disease don't have any symptoms at all their face. symptomatic around 4 in 5 people who get it will recover from the disease without any special treatment or having to go to the hospital. what can
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i do if i'm in fact that. because of this viruses and novel one in humans no one has any immunity the 1st time they catch it even if someone doesn't show any symptoms they still grow in fact it and can in fact others we don't yet have any specific vaccines to prevent covert 19 and we don't have any medications to treat it so at this point if you are infected there's no way to interrupt the course of the disease the best thing to do if you're infected is a talk with your local medical authorities and follow their advice if you aren't in a high risk group for the disease the chances are very good you will return to full health within a couple of weeks. i've had it once and i catch it again in the future and. because this is a new virus we still don't know much about how the immune system well reacts to subsequent infections with copd at 19. doctors assume that catching at will give
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you some kind of immunity but a big question is exactly how long that immunity well last hour immunity levels to related coronaviruses like some that cause common colds are not permanent and we don't really know why the question of immunity is a question that really only time will answer. a news team that the austrian public broadcaster o. r. f. will go into voluntary isolation to prevent any of them from becoming infected now they'll be isolated on site in vienna they've all tested negative for the virus and no one will be allowed in the door will be guarded and food will be delivered these 180 employees will guarantee that new services continue to run on interrupted a war office not the only austrian company to seal off key chains of staff last week around 50 healthy employees from the main energy company were isolated within
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certain power stations to make sure that the electricity supply would not be affected. thank you for joining our covert 900 special here on t.w. as always you can get the latest on our web site interview dot com for all of us here in berlin thank you for watching. the cold. hard to cool. air conditioners. participators in delhi have come up with a. result. really. good. on d w. s.
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